Our Staffs

Our staff is available to provide you with the excellent service that you deserve and expect. We can assist you with all your planning needs. Our experts are eager to work with you in creating a unique and memorable experience for your group. From our planners to our knowledgeable drivers we guarantee you will find none more intent on meeting your specific requests and ensuring that your travel experience is worry free! The decision is yours… We will do as much or as little as you need, because we value your business and are intent on serving our customers.

Thomas V McCaughey

President & CEO tom@flagshiptrailways.com

Suchada Kumnerdsupapol

VP of Administration & Finance suchada@flagshiptrailways.com

Sarun Kumnerdsupapol

Market Research Analyst sarun@flagshiptrailways.com

Abram Walker

DM of Motorcoach Maintenance abram@flagshiptrailways.com

We believe in providing our customers with the personal attention that they deserve. We are looking forward to serve you!!