Our Bus Drivers

Carl S.

What Carl finds fulfilling about working for Flaghsip Trailways are the people he has the opportunity to work with, the freedom of the road, meeting new people on his trips, and getting to know his way around places he has never been before. Carl consistently embraces each experience and destination with his eyes wide open. ” The best feeling is

 when passengers compliment my driving and tell me how comfortable they felt on the road with me. It was a particular thrill for me when I recieved a great compliment from an experienced retired driver!”

Carl has proudly driven passengers all over the east coast. Carl’s favorite destination thus far has been Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. and feels that everyone should experience Gettysburg at some point in their life.


Bernie’s favorite part of the job is his time on the road. ” I thoroughly enjoy visiting new locations and meeting new people.” One of my most memorable and fulfilling experiences as a driver with Flagship Trailways was assisting in New Orleans during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.” It was truly a humbling experience, while at the same time very rewarding.”

” My favorite destinations to drive to are Boston and British Columbia.” Bernie says, ” The best part of being a driver is that every experience is a different experience and the people you get to meet along the way are part of the great ride!”

Steve M.

Steve has been with Flagship Trailways for quite some time and loves driving! He recalled that he was part of the fleet during the 2009 Winter Olympics in Canada…..and the thrill to be part of world history. One of the many reasons he likes driving so much are the people he works with, “Great people, it’s like a close knit family.” “Some of my favorite jobs have

been being part of that special memory of the people on board the coach. I really enjoy driving for weddings, sports teams, and group tours on vacation. Every job is equally important to those on board. The job that stands out the most is a three day trip to UMASS with URI girls tracks team and being part of their Victory.”

Steve has traveled much of the United States as a driver and he says that his favorite destinations so far are ” All of them”. Steve loves to travel, “Anywhere.” ” It’s not just about the destination, its about the people you have on board along the journey.”

Joe K.

One particular reason Joe enjoys driving so much with Flagship Trailways is the opportunity to get to know his passengers onboard a multi day trip. Experiencing new destinations is equally exciting for Joe, such as Six Flags! “I love working at Flagship Trailways. Everyone I meet is always so nice. My favorite destination was probably with a group on a shopping trip

to Kittery, Maine…… The group was fabulous and they had a blast, which makes my job very rewarding!”